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Tool Refinery - Upgrade Tools!
Bored of the same old Diamond Tools? Wish they could go that little bit faster? Well... now they can!
How to Upgrade
To upgrade your tools, you need to get the upgrade item. These items are simply items that are used to upgrade the item. There are 5 of these items. Here is a list:
Obsidian Shard
The first four (Zircon, Garnet, Iodine and Azurite) are obtainable by mining their ore. The ore is easy to obtain, being roughly the same rarity as Iron. To get Obsidian Shards, you must simply smelt some Obsidian. This gives you 9. If you do not wish to use these, you can actually put them back into Obsidian, which is rather useful.
Upgrade Items
Zircon - Zircon gives the tool a speed boost of 2.0F, making it's speed the same as the next tools speed (Stone tools will have the speed of Iron, Iron the same as Diamond).
Garnet - Garnet gives the tool a damage increase of one, allowing you to save a little bit of space in your inventory for a sword.
Iodine - Iodine gives the tool a much larger speed boost, but it decreases the tools durability, making this upgrade an incredibly useful yet annoying ore.
Azurite - Azurite gives the tool more durability, which means that if you put this on a Diamond Tool, that tool will have over 2000 uses, which is an incredible boost.
Obsidian Shards - Obsidian Shards give the tool the upgrades from Zircon, Garnet and Azurite, making it much more useful than all the rest, seeing as it gives them all of the upgrades possible.
Upgrading the Tool
To upgrade the tool, put a Stone, Iron or Diamond tool into the crafting table in the middle, and surround it with the upgrade item. The tool must have not lost any durability. You can repair the tool to upgrade it, which allows it to be upgraded.
You can also get two upgrades on one tool.To do this, just put the 1st upgraded tool into the crafting table, and surround it with the second upgrade item of your choice, meaning you now have a double upgrade!
Next Version
Bow Upgrades (Will be limited to one upgrade per Bow at first) (Will likely have different upgrades to the normal upgrades, but use the normal items)
Gold Tool Upgrades
A New Mob
A New Upgrade Item (Upgrades Harvest Levels) (Does not go with Obsidian Refined tools
Installation Guide
  1. Okay, this is for you people out there who are real noobs at modding their Minecraft (I mean no offence).
  2. Download the mod... you should know where that is... please?
  3. Go to
  4. On the dropdown list that says 'Select Minecraft Version' next to it, choose 1.6.4.
  5. Then, download the latest Minecraft Forge, but download the installer... for ease
  6. Then, run the installer. Select the 'Extract to client' option.
  7. Go to your Minecraft appdata folder.
  8. Then, from there, create a folder called 'mods' if there isn't one
  9. Drag the zip into there.
  10. Open your Minecraft Launcher
  11. Go to the dropdown menu above the two buttons that say 'New Profile' & 'Edit Profile'
  12. Select the one that says 'Forge'
  13. Click the gigantic 'play' button.
  14. Minecraft will run
  15. ENJOY! =D
  16. There's no 15th step, stop annoying me...
 Author: Leikaru


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