Mods 33kingkiller's 1.6.4

Hello AGAIN fellow Minecrafters! Today I have a mod for you guys that TOTALLY took me two seconds to throw together (sarcasm if you couldn't already tell). Well anyway, here it is.

33kingkiller's Mod
Here is a list of things this mod currently includes:
*Nuke Activator
*Nuclear Fuel
*Steel Ingot
*Steel Sword
*Steel Hoe
*Steel Pickaxe
*Steel Axe
*Steel Shovel
*33kingkiller Mob
*TheGman503 Mob
*Darth Vader
*Chinese Trader
NOTE: I may not have listed everything here.
Known Bugs:
*Chinese Trader hat gliches out on crappy PCs
*Nuke disappears before exploding.
*Nuke crashes Minecraft on crappy PCs

Credits: 33kingkiller
Minecraft mods33kingkiller's 1.6.4


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