Iron Man Texture Pack Minecraft 1.5.2

I'm a big Iron Man fan. And why not Iron Man in Minecraft

NEW! 1.3
Zombie = Drone from Iron Man 2
Some old armor icon is Gones ... But I'm working on it for updates!
IN 1.2
-More than Iron Man set
-New interface for arrow
IN 1.1
Steve (the original leather / Offline da) = Tony Stark
= Iron Helm Iron Man helmet
Chestplate Iron Man Iron Chestplate =
Leggings Leggings of Iron = Iron Man
Iron Man Iron Boots Boots =
Supply = A laser beam
Arrow = laser
Blue XP bar now
Health in the armor of Iron Man enegy
Health bosses are now gold
Minecraft 1.5.2
Resolution 16x16


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