Vivid Torrential Changes Resource Pack

To get custom models, install snapshot 14w11b/14w10c, Minecraft free download and select the Minecraft Resource Packs, restart the game. The models now work! A warning though: Don't use any worlds in snapshots that are not new or backed up! Reverting to previous versions WILL cause some form of damage to your worlds!

There maybe be lighting errors (fixed a little, but not completely), turning smooth lighting off should fix most of these issues if it bothers you enough.

VTC is a self-inspired*5, vivid, bright-ish, (partially pixel-art style) shaded pack with its own style and lore. While a majority of textures are done, the pack changes often as many things are re-done. I am still working on unifying, yet branching out the style of the pack.I try to use every vanilla feature I can into the pack, and a few non-vanilla features as well.
100% original, self-inspired textures
original ideas and lore
uncompromised dedication to names, ideas, crafting recipes, uses, or stereotypes
(besides edits of C418's work) 100% original sounds, recorded and edited by me
optimized textures (meaning a smaller file and faster download)
non-annoying rain sounds
custom language (modified english)
custom main-menu texts (a.k.a. "splashes")
CTM support
decorative classic CTM glass for MCpatcher*1
Natural Textures Mod support (for Optifine only)
odd-resolution textures (allows for 1px centers)
takes advantage of new features within development of Minecraft (assuming they agree with stable)


Author: insomniac_lemon

Version: Minecraft 1.7.4

Resolution: 16x16

Vivid Torrential Changes (includes 12 models for 14w11b/14w10c)


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