Minecraft mods Arrow Cam 1.6.2

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Arrow Cam

If only a certain mod that allows you to follow your arrow when you shoot them, increase your accuracy, it is significant Mod Orange Arrow.

Arrow Cam Mod 1.6.2

Mod this a feature that allows you to view your fire arrows and to see exactly where they land and how much damage they cause. How is this possible? It's simple really. The mod will detect when you shoot an arrow, and then it will send a camera entity after the arrow until the arrow or trapped in a block or a crowd, then the camera will back to you. If you are interested in seeing how I achieve this.

Authors: Jsn_man

Change log
Made the camera more stable (still room for improvement)
You now have to be crouching in order to activate the Arrow Cam
The Arrow Cam will exit once you stop crouching
Initial Release
Install Cam Mod arrows can not simply hon.Truoc all, you must understand that this is only a client mod . You only have to install it on your Minecraft client , and never on a server .
Requirements: Minecraft Forge
Suggest download universal construction of the proposed revisions. If you are having trouble Forge, then google 'how to install Minecraft Forge 1.6.2' or whatever version of Minecraft you're trying to install on.
Download  minecraft mods put it in your / mods / folder should be created after installing Minecraft Forge .
Download minecraft Mods Arrow_Cam_Mod_v1.1.0.jar/ Updated 15/9/2013


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