Minecraft Mod Digimobs

Digimobs is a fanmade Minecraft mod created by Cyan_the_Azure. The goal is to eventually incorporate all the mod Digimon, as well as creating a very complex like / RPG aspects. Today, in the late stage beta.
Minecraft Mod Digimobs

Change Log:
  Release 0.8.2-Always remember to backup your save! Recipes for every fixed-final time fixed a bug where items developed will make things more volume evolved to Greymon Objects in adjacent egg-Fixed some issues with AI as Digimon against water-Add an element of fixed index-health indicators - more an evolution based on aged to Candlemon-re-add Add to Digimon render the basic stages of driving. Garurumon can be ridden by right clicking on him with a digivice, nothing broke in his hand more variables for branching Kapurimon biome-Tweaked some of the generations in an attempt to repair some of the Minecraft generation bizarre rules of Bugs-known models for the armor does not show the correct egg-Nicknames are not saved after logging out Minecraft

Project Management: CyanGenesis

Download Mod Digimobs 1.6.2 
Download Mod Digimobs 1.5.2


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